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The Press Alliance specialise in the provision of content services and has a wealth of experience in sports data collection and the ability to distribute on a multi platform basis in all formats.

Our online content services platform provides a wealth of detailed, accurate and immediate feeds for websites 24/7. Copy, data and images can be delivered to service as automated XML feeds or packages dependant on your needs.

Our Services

  • Content Production
  • Content Acquisition
  • On Screen Promotion
  • Service Management
  • Software Services
  • Content Processing
  • Media Encoding/Transcoding
  • Content Aggregation

Our Statistics

  • 80% UK traffic
  • 85% male
  • 90% aged 18-44
  • 2m+ pages of content
  • 47 URLs and growing

About the Press Alliance

The Press Alliance is the journalistic division of Digital Sports Group (DSG), concerned with the provision of quality up to the minute coverage for DSGs growing portfolio of sports sites.

About DSG

Digital Sports Group Ltd (DSG) was established in 2009 as an independent publisher of online sports content. The company was founded by media entrepreneurs and is a privately owned business.

DSG is rolling out a network of 47 websites (and growing); each tailored to the different needs of individual users, for example the fan on the football terrace at to the county netball player at to the petrol head enthusiast on

Digital Sports Group

Industry Sectors

Here's a few of the industry sectors that The Press Alliance can supply content to:

  1. Digital Publishers including Sports and General News websites
  2. International, National and Regional Newspapers
  3. Magazine Publishers
  4. Mobile Operators
  5. Wireless Application Developers
  6. Global Brands and Sport Sponsors
  7. Bookmakers, Betting and Gaming Operations
  8. Fantasy Game Operators
  9. News Agencies
  10. Marketing and Sponsorship Agencies
  11. Software and Web Design Agencies